'The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightning and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.' -The Upanishads.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

homeward bound

Winding up my latest stay in North Carolina and getting ready to head back to my dogs, what's left of my garden, and - oh yeah - I think I may have left a husband back there in Noo Yawk.  We watched back to back episodes of Long Island Medium yesterday to prepare for my re-entry to Lawn Guyland.  It takes me about a day before I want to punch someone out in the local Stop-and-Shop.  I always miss the uber-polite Southern supermarket baggers who say,"Y'all want me to put the sacks in the buggy, ma'am??"

Sigh...I could so get used to people being nice to me.

Will try to get the latest piece listed on Etsy.

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